Using a CMS like WordPress or programming a site basically?

This is an important questions specially for the beginners who want to start their own website. Some people think that if they program their new sites basically, they would be different or have more power on their work. However, I think this is wrong. There is many benefits if using a CMS like WordPress and I count some:

  • It is fast, easy and professional!
  • It is more SEO friendly and indexed in search engines better and faster.
  • There are many plugins and themes for it and new ones come frequently.
  • You can develop your needed things for it.
  • You can use other free tools for it.

How about the security? You may ask that an open source CMS is open to all hackers; they can find bugs easily and attack to the sites. My answer is, yes! It is true; but you must consider that there were been many previous versions of the CMS before and it has checked for its security many times and the updates come frequently. Also there are many plugins that protect you from the attackers. On the other hand, when you develop a site from beginning, you may done your own mistakes and professional hackers know common mistakes and easily hack you!

In summery, I myself prefer to use WordPress and I have build many websites with it and I am satisfied!

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